So, this weekend was, for me, all about cooking and eating. When we were not taking Yolie’s mom to the hospital to be checked out for a possible heart-attack, or buying diapers for the grandbaby, or going to office Christmas parties, I was in the kitchen, cooking.

Moqueca de Peixe is a Brazilian fish stew that starts with sweated onions, garlic, and bell peppers, adds some chicken broth and coconut milk, and a bunch of shrimp, tilapia, and cod, along with serranos and cilantro. Mushrooms. tomatoes.

I served it over bowls of orzo, with crusty bread, butter, and a big bottle of red wine.

It were good enough.

After that, though, we had to pack up my mother in law and take her to the hospital. Indigestion disguised as a myocardial infarction.


Today, while Yolie tended to her mother at the hospital, I stayed home and made my interpretation of David Chang’s Momofuku pork buns.

Instead of roasted pork-belly, which is hard to come by here, I made a Chinese-style pulled pork in the slow cooker. I made his steamed buns from scratch and served them with some ginger-garlic roasted green beans. Quick-pickled cucumbers, ginger-scallion sauce, and sriracha.

Fuck me running.

Even the wild woman of Borneo ate her fill, and gave me a big thumbs up. For a human who mostly survives on goldfish crackers, it was a ringing endorsement.


It could be I enjoy spending the day in the kitchen even more than hitting people.


We have not a single Christmas decoration up yet, and aim to keep it that way.


That grandchild undoes us all.





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