Sweet Potato and Corn Fritters with Poached Eggs

So, we made a couple of dishes to take to the big Christmas Eve feed at my father’s place. Yolie’s favorite, a sweet potato and chipotle dish, which always gets raves, and then I made a creamed corn with fresh basil. Really good, and they both went well with the crab cakes and pork loins he served up. I think we had twenty or so there, all manner of friends and family. It were nice, really.

I am not much of a leftover man, but we had all that sweet potato with chipotle goodness in it, and that creamy corn, and since I hadn’t done any real food shopping we had almost nothing in the fridge to make Christmas dinner with. A bunch of fresh green beans. The leftovers.

And the Cookie Crock closed for the whole day.

Anyway, the idea of mixing up the two leftovers and making fritters just popped into my head. And once it did, it wouldn’t leave go of me. So I went for it, mixed up a cup of the creamed corn and a cup of the mashed sweet potatoes, added a little milk and a half cup of flour, an egg yolk, and then whipped up two egg whites until they were stiff and folded them into the mix. Salt and pepper to taste. A tablespoon of fresh minced ginger for good measure. I let the mixture sit in the fridge while I cleaned up the green beans. I roasted some pine nuts and shredded some parmagiano reggiano and set that aside, then mixed the beans up with some olive oil and lemon zest and a couple of cloves of garlic, sliced thin and roasted on a baking sheet at 450 for twenty minutes. When they were done I added the pine nuts and the parm and mixed it all together, again with salt and pepper to taste, and squeezed the juice of half a lemon over it.

Then I just fried up the fritters in butter, topped each with a smear of creme fraiche with lime zest and garlic and a poached egg, and we were off to the races.


Simple Christmas dinner.





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