Portuguese style pork and clams with chorizo and potatoes



Another one from Suzanne Goins’ Sunday Suppers at Lucques.


This one kept me in the kitchen from eight in the morning until four pm. Then I took the dog for a walk on the beach for an hour and came back and put it all together and served it up.

I learned how to confit. I didn’t have three quarts of rendered duck fat, or pork fat, so I cheated and confitted the pork loin in olive oil. Just cubed up the pork loin (after marinading it in garlic, white wine, red pepper, and paprika for a few hours) and spread it out in one layer in a dutch oven, then covered it in olive oil and let it cook in the oven at 300 for two hours or so. Then pulled it out and chilled it. Then, right before serving I pulled it out and fried up the cubes again, so they were crispy on the outside and meltingly gooey on the inside. And broiled potatoes, cubed up and fried again with the pork.


Chorizo and roasted tomatoes, onions and white wine and butter simmered for a while, then a pound or two of clams.


Then you just ladle the clams and chorizo into big, wide bowls. Spoon the pork and potatoes over the top. Serve with crusty bread and a bottle of some earthy wine.







Something new for dessert, too.


Caramelized bread pudding with chocolate and cinnamon.





Under that caramelized crust is a rich custard and at the very bottom is a layer of melted dark chocolate.









I am a slut.










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