Farmer’s market eggs in olive oil, with toast, gruyere, and columbus salame




I skip breakfast all week long so I can eat like this on the weekend.


The eggs are from a local farm, fresh, free-range, organic. I’m not sure, but I think the hens do yoga and a mindfulness practice. The toast is a Joe’s demi-pan, cut in half, drizzled with olive oil, and toasted in the grillevator. The cheese is gruyere, the salami is a columbus salame, also from Joe’s, complete with fiore mold. The eggs are cooked, very slowly, over a low flame in an olive oil bath until firmed up.







Big old mug of hot coffee to go with. Eaten at our heavy wooden table, it seems a perfect meal. It is loosely based on a meal I had at Il Cane Rosso in the Ferry Terminal in San Francisco.


Here’s what the original looked like:






I think my version is superior.








It’s a hell of a thing.











14 thoughts on “Farmer’s market eggs in olive oil, with toast, gruyere, and columbus salame

  1. Ms. Moon says:

    Chicken yoga. Haha! I’m pretty sure my birds practice mindlessness or it may be mindFULness, hard to tell the difference sometimes. Not just in chickens, either.
    Y’all speak of this magical place called Trader Joe’s. I found one of their plastic reusable shopping bags on a road on Orchid Isle which is near Vero Beach once and I kept it as if it were a totem of some sort. Still got it.
    Don’t got no Trader Joe’s here. Deep sadness about that. Ah well. I cooked our eggs this morning with tomatoes and peppers and onions and sharp cheddar cheese. There was applewood smoked bacon. It wasn’t too bad. I’d have traded for yours, though.
    What were you reading?

  2. Your chickens are the luckiest birds on this planet, despite the occasional predation that befalls them.

    Yeah, Trader Joe’s. My wife had to buy something there this weekend that she’s shipping to family in Florida, so I know y’all are missing out on it. Don’t you have Whole Foods, though? Joe’s is like the more budget version.

    Your eggs sound wonderful!

    I was reading:

    Heat: An Amateur’s Adventures as Kitchen Slave, Line Cook, Pasta-Maker, and Apprentice to a Dante-Quoting Butcher in Tuscany

    by Bill Buford. It’s a pretty good read, kind of Anthony Bourdain like, non-fiction, he writes about food and cooking in a pretty lustful way, so I’m enjoying it.

    Thanks for coming by, this place is pretty barren, it’s good to have some company!



  3. Ms. Moon says:

    Man, you could write about dryer lint and it would please me, I’m sure.
    Tallahassee doesn’t even have a Whole Foods although we are supposed to be getting one at some point in the near future. We do have a fine used-to-be Co-op where my darling Billy is the Cheese and Imported Beer guy. He sometimes gives us outrageously pricey and delicious cheese which has gone over-dates.
    Sounds like a good book. I’d probably love it.
    While I was working in the garden yesterday, all my chickens were lined up at the fence, watching me. Made me think of Lou, watching you from the porch. I gave all my weeds to the birds to scratch through and they’re pretty happy about that. Tasty bugs, most likely, plus tender shoots. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- chickens have done more for the human race than Jesus Christ ever did and all they ask for is water and a place to scratch. Yet- is there even ONE chicken-worshipping religion on this planet? Not that I’ve ever heard of.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    That would absolutely be my favorite meal with the possible exception of thin-crusted pizza. Two eggs, fried, (and I like how you described them bathed in olive oil), cheese, toasted bread, coffee. My God.

  5. not a pretty sight, a grown woman drooling on her keyboard….i may have to restrict my own access to this blog.

  6. I suppose it would be socially awkward of me to write that I’ve been obsessing over these eggs in an almost sexual way for four days. Seriously obsessing. Dawn to sleep eggs oh eggs in an olive oil bath how I love thee. The next time I cook this is going to be it. Thank you again.


    • Well, you won’t regret it. I’ve been equally obsessed with them since I cooked this meal. The low and slow olive oil bath is a big departure from how I usually cook eggs, hot pan, butter, wait for the froth to subside, fry ’em up. But this way the egg white becomes this creamy, soft, delicious thing that’s even better than the damn yolk.

      Seriously, what you can do with something simple like an egg, it is astounding.



  7. ps. Obviously I’ve never over-worried being socially awkward.

  8. I doubt any of us were ever the cool kids.

  9. Not even in my dreams!
    I was in the orchestra.

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