Green lipped mussels & linguini


I know, I know.

Pasta two nights in a row!


This, though, was so freakin’ awesome. Mussels in white whine with garlic and shallots, some chopped tomatoes and red peppers, served over fresh linguini. Pain rustique with garlic and butter. Good bottle of chilled white wine to go with.








We had to go out into the night air and walk this one off.







2 thoughts on “Green lipped mussels & linguini

  1. I’ve seen green lipped and blue lipped mussels on my dock. I don’t eat them but I love them as I love anything fresh in the sea. Your photos are so outstanding of course they are. I believe I dreamed about you last night. I think I dreamed that you were in Breaking Bad and you kept a child from getting shot. Even in my dreams you are a hero for true.

  2. You are to be trusted because you know and love the sea.

    You’d have loved this meal, for true.



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