Ezra’s Calamari & Farmer’s Market Carrots with cumin




The woman on the verge got these for us at  the farmer’s market.






And I had these squids from Pier 46 just laying around.





Sundays are my day for sharpening my knives.



So I was good to go.




Wash the carrots. Scrub them.


Scrub them.


Lip them. Lip my Stockings!





Are they beautiful?


Hell yes, they are.




Oven at 425, slathering in oil, salted, peppered, cumined.


half hour or so.




Meanwhile, back at the ranch:




Cleaned and drained calamari.




2 cups flour, salt, pepper, thyme, cumin.






Bread them bitches.





Fry ’em up.




Drain them on a paper shopping bag.




Serve on a bed of greens, drizzled with lemon. Put out a bowl of garlic aioli and a bowl of sweet chili dipping sauce.


Have at it.









It makes a hell of a mess in a small kitchen.




But it tastes like angels fucking.












13 thoughts on “Ezra’s Calamari & Farmer’s Market Carrots with cumin

  1. Ms. Moon says:

    Well, it looks like angels fucking too, which, by the way is my new favorite expression.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The carrots are beautiful and so’s the calamari and the stove. And the angels fucking? Sublime.

  3. right?

    l love my life!

    and thanks!

  4. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about. You slay me. I’d kill for calamari!!!!

  5. Angels fucking is pure poetic inspiration. And those carrots. Seattle is lucky for seafood and fruit but carrots like those in winter? No way. They made my mouth water. And I use paper bags the same way when I fry lumpia. They absorb better than anything!

    When I lived on the mountain we had a stove like that only with eight burners because there were so many of us. I think it was the same brand of stove. It was a beauty and I loved cooking on it. Like a 1950s Chevy or one of those old beautiful Land Rovers.


    • It is exactly like a 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air, but seriously, I would freaking KILL for eight burners!!

      Murder for them!


      I swear, man, I’m just finding out about food- I don’t know what the fuck I was doing for the first forty-five years of my life!

      seriously, WTF???



  6. A says:

    Well I’m so glad you’re finding out about food—this is fast becoming my favorite blog.
    I just have to refrain from drooling on the keyboard. Scrumptious.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    This blog is smoking.

  8. Well, then, it better go outside by the trash cans with the other sketchy folks.

    And get back in the kitchen when it’s done, cuz this food ain’t gonna cook itself!



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