Fork & Plate Valentine’s Day 2012

Plate & Fork

Valentine’s day 2012


New Brunswick beau soliel oysters on the half shell with kimchi consommé

Paired with Stolichnaya vodka & tonic cocktail


Watercress, frisee, & grapefruit salad with warm curry vinaigrette

Paired with trader Joe’s grand reserve 2009 meritage blend


Alaskan cod with sweet parsnips, arrowleaf spinach, & saffron-vanilla sauce

Paired with 2010 Comique Revolution blanc


Warm chocolate soufflés with pistachio ice cream

Dark chocolate pistachio toffees



so, this was my precise and compricated pran to win the heart of my beloved.


She is mine, of course.



Here’s a sneak peek.


the rest you’ll just have to imagine for now…..


I love me my woman!





6 thoughts on “Fork & Plate Valentine’s Day 2012

  1. A says:

    Gorgeous. I hope we hear about the saffron vanilla sauce in more detail when you have time.

  2. Seriously.

    Make a stock with mussels.

    Then, the next day, strain it and simmer it with saffron and a vanilla bean pod.

    Reduce it to a glaze.

    Add some cream.

    Add TEN TABLESPOONS OF BUTTER! and whisk them in one at a time.

    Strain it.

    Run your immersion blender all up in it until it emulsifies.

    A pain in the butt, for sure.

    But glorious and heavenly.

    more to follow….

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I’m fanning myself.

  4. Pamela says:

    Wow! I hope you all have a wonderful evening.

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