Lentil Tacos




Quick and easy weeknight meal.









Start a pan with olive oil, get it hot, throw in a half of a diced onion and a diced red pepper and a couple of cloves of garlic, minced or put through your garlic press. When the onions and peppers are soft, dice a canned chipotle pepper and throw it in, along with a couple of tablespoons of the adobo sauce the chipotles come in. Add a package of Trader Joe’s lentils, break them up and stir everything together. Let it simmer a while.


Slice some green onions, crumble up some feta cheese, chop some cilantro. Slice a red onion and put the onion in a bowl or a jar and cover with red wine vinegar, or white balsalmic, or whatever you have on hand. Fill a small bowl with sour cream or greek yogurt and add the juice of a lime and some salt and pepper to that and stir.


After a few minutes, add some white wine to the lentils, salt and pepper, some cumin. Squeeze in the juice of a lime or two. If the heat is too intense, add a tablespoon or so of honey and stir it up. There’s no right or wrong. Put in whatever you want. I like heat and richness and depth. I probably go overboard with pepper and garlic.




You should have a beer with, and some slices of lime. Avocado if you’ve got it. You could add thinly chopped cabbage of any varitety. Tomatoes. Shredded carrots. Whatever you got lying around doing nothing, chop it up and throw it on.




Your tortillas you can either do up in a cast iron skillet with a little oil. Smoking hot, thirty seconds a side, blister them. Or you can just plop them over the open flame of the burner, twenty seconds or less per side, let them char and blister.




Set everything out, including the cold beers, and have at ’em.


Takes, like, twelve minutes.











8 thoughts on “Lentil Tacos

  1. are trader joe’s lentils raw or cooked? I don’t do trader joe’s but i do have lots of lentils from the market, all uncooked.

  2. yeah, they are steamed, so all i’m really doing is reheating them. You will need to cook yours first. But lentils are a quick cook, much easier than beans. You don’t need to presoak them overnight, you can just rinse them, boil them for a half hour or so, and you should be good to go.



  3. Jeffery Bahr says:

    Hi, Scott (TDW): when you fire-roast or fry the tortillas, do they stiffen up? Looks like flour tortillas in the picture . . . I have to admit, I usually just nuke them for 10 seconds. We don’t have TJ’s yet, I’ll have to improvise.


  4. Jeffrey-

    No, they stay pretty soft, although they tend to stiffen a bit as they cool. They do get chewier, though. More body.

    Those are corn tortillas, but I use both corn and flour, whatever is handy. I tend to do flour tortillas directly over the open flame and corn ones in oil, just my textural preferences for each.

    Good luck, hope you enjoy them!

  5. […] Lentil tacos, dinner, vegan.  I wish Tearful Dishwasher and Woman On The Verge would give us a nice coherent ingredient list, so I could print it out and head to Safeway.  Oh, well, it’s not so bad picking through the instructions, and the dishes are so far just delicious. […]

  6. Jeffery Bahr says:

    Made it last night . . . delicious. And I always feel so righteous eating vegan 🙂 The best single ingredient were the canned chipotles, which I’d never tried. I subbed chopped romaine for the cabbage and found fancy artisanal corn tortillas (still pretty cheap). Loaded up on cumin (but, I love cumin) and juice of three limes in one pound of dried lentils. Made for a great breakfast, too.

    • Ah, you’re hooked now. Lentil tacos are a wonderful weeknight staple. And welcome to the world of the canned chipotle- you’ll find yourself reaching for that smokey warmth again and again now.

      I’m with you on the cumin, I have to watch myself, like with garlic, so I don’t go overboard with the stuff. And lime juice. And lemon juice. And pepper. And red pepper flakes. And, etc.


      Anyway, really great to hear back from you, glad you’re enjoying the food. And I’ll try to do better with giving a coherent recipe list from now on.

      all best-


  7. […] much everything that is in Scott’s Lentil Tacos.  Well, not the Fat Tire, that’s for consuming alongside the tacos.  And I substituted […]

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