Coconut fried rice with fried egg and crispy garlic




Okay, so after last night’s Maui-style short ribs with coconut rice, I had all this coconut rice left over.


And not much else.




So, I vaguely remembered Mark Bittman doing something with fried rice and ginger and garlic. The main thing I remembered was the egg, topped with crispy fried up garlic and ginger. I looked in the fridge:


leftover coconut rice: check

eggs: check

ginger: no joy. crap.


But this is in the spirit of leftovers, so, no trip to the Cookie Crock for me. That would be cheating. Instead, I quick fry up some leftover green onions and my last two shallots.





In my egg pan, I crisp up some garlic.




When the garlic browns and gets crisp, I take it off the heat, put it in a little dish

and set it aside.






When the shallots and green onions are soft, I add in the leftover coconut rice and fry that up for a few minutes, letting the rice brown on the bottom of the pan and scraping up bits of that as I stir, until it’s all heated through.






Quick fry up some eggs.






Now just fill a big bowl with the rice. Some salt and pepper is nice. A big splash of soy sauce, a drizzle of sesame oil. Top with the egg, and then sprinkle the crispy garlic on top.






It were pretty damn good.






Here’s the thing. I could have made a peanut butter sandwich. Or a grilled cheese. Or heated up a frozen burrito.


But instead I got this creamy, crunchy, salty, pungent, sweet, gooey meal of goodness.


In about the same time.



Do what you can with what you’ve got. It doesn’t always work out, but shit, then you can have you your damn peanut butter sandwich anyway.



What have you got to lose?












14 thoughts on “Coconut fried rice with fried egg and crispy garlic

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I had two eggs over creamy polenta this morning while I waited for Jiffy Lube to finish changing the oil on my car. Eggs over polenta, eggs over coconut rice — I really can’t imagine anything better.

  2. Jeffery Bahr says:

    It looks delicious, but so was the cabbage soup and I have a quart of that left, and lasagna (4 meals worth left), and the lentil tacos I’m trying tonight.

    It’s stacking up.

    Clearly, I need to either get remarried, open a soup kitchen, get my sons to move back in, or start giving out Tupperware-filled meals to the neighbors.

    • Yeah, brother, you need to slow down!

      I’m super stoked you’re having fun, though. Since I figured out this whole cooking thing, man, I am obsessed.

      I love it bad.

      Your neighbors will fall in love with you if you start bringing them food, for sure.


    yore secret admirer

  4. Ms. Moon says:

    You are tuned in to the universe, Mr. Man. My hens are laying like crazy. it is EGG season! Didn’t know there was one, did you? Me either until I started keeping chickens.

    • I’m tuned in to something. I don’t know if its the universe or just a weird late night cable show the universe puts on before it puts up the test pattern for the night.

      (shit, you think anybody but us old farts even remembers what a test pattern is?)

      old fart signing off.

      • Ms. Moon says:

        The Test Pattern! And before they hummed that one in, there was the Star Spangled Banner.
        Lord. Those were different days.
        But not for chickens. Who were still doing what they do and have always done.
        And continue to do. And will continue to do. Given half a chance.

      • chickens.

        i got them on the damn brain i guess.

        i wish i had me some in my backyard.


  5. What I really meant to say is I’ve never had crunchy garlic and garlic is one of my major food staples. How do you crisp it w/o burning it?

    • Rebecca-

      Well, I don’t know. It’s kind of a fine line. And it is kind of burnt.

      What I do is watch it real close, and take it off the heat as soon as it turns brown, and take it out of the pan as fast as I can. But it does get somewhat bitter.

      you can’t take your damn eyes off it for a second or it’ll be a charred black mess. voice of experience speaking here.



  6. Jeffery Bahr says:

    The only situation I seem to be able to crisp garlic is when I sauté them in a goodly amount of olive oil, so that all sides get crispy at the same time. I only have used crispy garlic on pasta, so dumping the pasta into the frying pan when the garlic is done instantly stops it cooking. That reduces the problem to — as Scott said — watching it real close.

    I don’t suppose you could microwave slices of it between paper towels, the way some people do bacon . . .

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